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Default Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!

That sir is the cat's meow. Has anything progressed with manufacturing these for those of us without your skill? Seeing the daily miles you rack up I'm beginning to see more use for a motorbike outfitted with the SBP kit. Yest, it is on the expensive side, but if it is primary transportation that changes everything with optional sidecar or multiple trailers... one for cargo, another camper model, another for the dog or child. Figure the savings on auto costs and it makes the bike pretty cheap transportation. Less than a motorcycle and way less than a car. Even if you still have to have a car for long distance travel or freezing weather, it stretches out the life of the car a lot and saves in that way. Fabian, is your travel mostly flatland or do you have to deal with hills? I've seen pictures of your trailer and it is substantial. In the summer I trap and deliver minnows to fishermen locally... this would be the ticket. And I could use it for the twelve mile trip to town. If only I had your fabrication skills. Your tensioner is bullet proof!
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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