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Default Re: American made 2 stroke

Originally Posted by rockhopper View Post
I replaced the power steering pump on my Chevy Silverado a few months ago. I was surprised that the truck used a mix of SAE and metric nuts and bolts. What's that about if not cost savings?
Agreed. Plus I bet the quality of the darn thing was not as good as it should be or not as good as most would expect. That's the real problem regardless of where the thing was made. It's just darn impossible to find high quality products. All because of the bottom line of the manufacturer. Heck it costs you $2000-3000 or more to replace a bumper assembly on today's cars and all it is is some cheap painted plastic with a styrofoam core. It's just ridiculous. I mean if it's cold out and your kid runs into the bumper with his bicycle the thing just crumbles like egg-shells.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.
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