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Default Re: My petcock broke....

[QUOTE=Pablo;16716]No THAT sucks. Just started dribbling fuel and banego, lets go. Thank goodness I was in the garage and had a container handy...could have lost $50 of fuel!

I've had that happen twice recently - it's deliberate Chinese quality fade. That's why you shouldn't use their bolts & studs to hold the engine onto the frame or the tray. It's annoying but I can salvage old ones off my several discarded HT kits. Last week the rear left peg on the petrol tank started leaking with a steady drip. Not worth trying to fix even though th tank was painted to match the bike. It would be nice to be able to discard all the chinese bits from those kits except perhaps the Honda copy motors. The kill switches have been faded too. As have the 2-stroke carby cylinders and the brass screw bolts on the HTs are now galv steel probably with air bubbles in the steel. Hope they don't start fadng their rear sprockets.
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