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Hey Norm,
Thanks for getting back to me. I'm open to whatever seems like it will work for me. I have not yet heard back from the jeep person and will get photos later today, probably, from the 71 Chevy truck guy. I've been told by more than one person that the shift linkage is a kind of can of worms on those as it is inside the steering column. I was thinking that a three speed floor shift would be a way around that, but off hand don't know if that is expensive, difficult to install (probably not), hard to come by or what. Usable tires wouldn't be hard to find and going over the brakes is never a bad idea on an older vehicle anyway, so it is still possible. if the photos show it to be in pretty nice shape it is something to go look at, especially if nothing else more immediately road worthy presents itself. I do have a good mechanic nearby, so that's a plus. And it is just $500.00 so if I can do everything for a thousand it may happen. Thanks again.
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