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A new day comes as coffee is making and I put on my already sooty work clothes. My mechanic neighbor, Harp, will come in a few hours to haul off the what used to be my truck, so anything in or on it has to be gone through for tools, bike parts to save what is worth saving. Still can't find the blade of the hunting knife I made from a file when I was a much younger man. It had been over the driver's side visor and seems like it should have been found already in the cab. Maybe when things exploded it got sent flying. Something like that one should not be bothered by, but it seems like that blade wants me to find it and make it whole again.
"Making things whole again" is an interesting phrase and is something which I have dealt with before. Probably many of you have too, in your own setbacks in health or marriages, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs. In a private message someone asked me to someday talk about the lighting strike I experienced some 15 years ago and I said I would, perhaps another time in the Tavern part of this forum. What is appropriate now is to say that it was a major turning point where many things were lost and other new things filled in the void. I lost on a physical level and gained in the spiritual dimension of understanding and finding balance between the inner and the outer. I know that many of us discover that in the course of our lives, passing through difficulties and coming out survivors. With a lightning survivors group I subscribe to I have always advised people to make the choice between self pity and picking yourself up... being either a victim or a survivor. I chose survivor and I continue to make that choice because it is who I am and it is what brings better results. It is an attitude which has served me well through four near death experiences. As George Harrison sang "All things must pass". Sot it is with everything here on earth. We came in naked and leave the same way. All we can take with us is our spiritual treasure. I don't mean to get in to religious stuff or to advocate a point of view... just sharing my own and saying that this experience can make me a victim or I can survive it. I made my choice before it ever happened and you folks have helped give me strength. Enough of this talk.
Th journey is still on hold as I find a means of getting from here to home. The Chevy pickup is cheap but needs a lot to make it road worthy and I now understand that the shifting linkage problem is not a small thing, along with replacing tires, going over the brakes and dealing with whatever else has happened as it sat makes it a poor candidate. The 1970 Ford truck looks good, but new ball joints replaced is somewhere around $400.00, so even though it would make a neat vintage ride and is a pretty good deal it is over budget as I have to do the registration, tags and have gas money to go 13 hundred miles. So I keep looking. Not long after my last post and after reading over Crazy Horse's Cherokee prayer he shared with us I looked again at Craig'slist for Frederick and the most recent listing was an 87 Jeep Cherokee in very nice condition, apparently ready to roll for one thousand dollars... right at what I told myself was the most I could manage between what I had and what has been given. Perfect. So I emailed the seller and am waiting for a response... hoping to see it this weekend, the soonest I can borrow a vehicle to go take a look. Wouldn't that be an interesting kind of synchronicity if I read a Cherokee prayer and a little later a Cherokee "iron horse' appeared snorting and ready to go? It's something to think about anyway. I'll keep you posted on what happens. Gotta go sort through stuff and say goodbye to the carcass of my dead truck whose body will be recycled just as mine will someday. I sure could use a nice motorbike ride today, sigh.
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