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Default Clutch... Again...

Well I had a heck of a day. Rode the bike about 10 miles to go pick up my new exhaust since the older one's bottom blew out and it sounds like... well that's not really the point...

One of the rear mounting studs stripped out the hole inside the engine. This was some ghetto tapwork I did and it's probably my fault but I figured rather than dwell on it, I can just switch everything onto the good lower end of my part motor.

Everything seemed to fit alright except when it got down to the clutch. The gears and everything fit fine except when it comes to the big panel that fits over the clutch. It somehow doesn't have enough clearance and the shaft in the center of the clutch wheel wants to hit it. It fits fine until you pull the clutch handle and then the shaft hits the cover. I spaced it out with washers for now (only needed 1 washer per screw, it's only like a 1mm or 2mm difference) and it works great. But I don't like the fact that stuff can just fly up in there.

So is my problem that my panel isn't deep enough, or did i just goof something up? I tried like every adjustment with the flower nut, cable, etc and the nut that goes on the shaft (under the clutch's spring) is torqued as hard as can possibly be....

Note: The parts motor didn't come with that cover, so I had to use my own cover. Could there be a difference between them?
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