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Default Re: truing a sprocket

Originally Posted by Mind_Reader7 View Post
That's how I did it tbh, seems to have worked fine.

You put the head of the bolt on the inside of the wheel, and have the excess stick out. You can cut off some excess if need be. However I wouldn't cut all of the excess off, because if you need to take it off, working with short bolts can be kinda hard.
well i got to quit for now; my backs' hertin. i got all the banana clips flat and the long bolts helped a lot until now i see i'm out of thread and so i'll try and pull em out one at a time and put the shorter ones back. at the hardware store i couldn't find them with threads all the way. i'll go later and maybe mount the new carb or start on the motor mount.
thanks again for pitching in for me tonite.

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