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Default Re: truing a sprocket

Originally Posted by Mind_Reader7 View Post
Loosen it up, and pry the clips so they sit next to each other, and slowly tighten them down. This is the hardest part of setting the bike up.

Also, go to the hardware store and get some slef locking nuts, otherwise all the nuts/bolts are gunna come loose sooner or later and you'll have to re do it.
Thanks buddy; i believe you; this is the hardest part; your right about those cheesy looking bolts too; i replaced them with american standard and i got em about a quarter inch longer; hope the excess bolt doesn't make any diff. i don't think i could have stood the aggravation of the shorter ones. I think i have it loose enough to work with.
as far as truing, can't i just sort of eyeball the sprocket hole with the hub material it sets on?

I know I believe I understand what I think You said; I'm just not sure I realize that what I heard is not what you meant.
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