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Originally Posted by rockhopper View Post
Hi Silverbear. Joe might be on to something here.

Is there anyone out there that can get SB and his hitch going on the first leg of his trip up north?

Please speak up guys.

And SB, can you give us more specifics on where you are now and where you need to go?


Joe's offer was pretty amazing, but seems like a lot to ask of anyone. I don't think Greyhound would work since they would consider Aaniimoosh an alien being and a less than third class citizen. Even though it's a greyhound, no dogs allowed I imagine although the Moosh would be better behaved than most of the children on the bus and better looking than their mothers. Where I go the Moosherator goes. I'm the lone ranger and she's tonto. Or the other way around, I guess.
I'm located between Thurmont and a dinky place without even a gas station or grocery store called Sabillasville in north central Maryland about thirty miles north of Frederick and south of Gettysburg, all old civil war country with many ghosts blue and gray wandering about I imagine although I have not yet seen anybody. My first destination is Marion Ohio where I will stop to see Camlifter, providing I have a ride with room for a beautiful bike. From there I usually head west toward Indianapolis and avoid the more northerly route past scenic Gary, Indiana and Chicago's backside which is a traveler's nightmare. So I stay lower until past Chicago, then head north into Wisconsin until there's no more Wisconsin and go west skirting Lake Superior at Duluth, Minnesota, the frozen Riviera, then inland northwest a hundred miles to heaven on earth which is located midway between Tower and Ely at Eaglesnest Lakes near Bearhead State Park. Home. Sigh...
Passing me and my Moosh along 1300 miles might be kind of hard to manage. I'm looking real hard at Craigslist for a truck and may have found something. Renting a vehicle I think would run at least $400.00 not counting gas, so that seems less appealing than finding a truck if I can manage it since I need a truck anyway. And I have some tools to take with me even though they are a mess. I had to remove the tags from the owner's blazer this morning before it was towed away and found it challenging to use a screwdriver with no handle. None of my screwdrivers have handles. Tough to get leverage that way, so I used a pair of vice grips to serve as a handle. Took three vice grips before I found one that works. Fire is not real good on your tools, even the metal ones. It's going to take some oil soaks and effort getting things to work again. New handles for the hatchet and hammers, watch yard sales for screwdrivers, the fancy ones with handles. It is amazing how many things are lost or wrecked. I went to Goodwill today and got a some pants, a jacket and scored two pair of shoes. Woohoo! I have the beginnings of a new wardrobe. I'm very glad for what I have and also glad that I don't need a whole lot. unlike Barely, I am no slave to fashion. I'm going home one way or another. G'night good people. Have to finish cleaning up at my truck tomorrow as it gets towed away on Friday, so off to bed and early up.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...