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Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
Buy a Chevy this time!!

*edit* I just hit 2500 posts!!! I think I'm spending way too much time on here!
Hey Norm,
Sounds like you must be a Chevy man. I want to get your opinion on something. The truck that burned up was an 87 Ford F350, straight six with manual transmission. I got it mostly to be able to economically tow my 51 Spartan trailer here to Maryland to live in. I seriously doubt I'll be moving it again and if I need to I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, so I don't think I need such a heavy duty hauler. I do need a truck though. I've been watching the area Craigslist and two possibles came up this evening. One is a 71 Chevy c10, six cylinder with three on the tree. The owner wants $500.00 for it and says it needs new tires and to have the brakes gone over before a long journey like mine of 1300 miles. He said he bought it to restore but never did. $500.00 bucks isn't much, but maybe the truck isn't much either. He said he would email me pictures. I'm wondering if you know anything about this engine and if it is a dud or a good one or what. I don't know much about Chevy engines other than a small block V8 I helped rebuild for a weird 4 wheel drive truck I had many years ago... a jeep wagoneer underneath with a 38 Chevy pickup cab on top. I called it my 38 special. And it was until the engine froze up which was my own fault using the old jeep radiator and a pretty tight build. Anyway, I don't know much about the Chevy sixes and although I've done some mechanical work I should not have been allowed to as I'm not a gas in my blood mechanic.
The other truck is a 70 Ford with a 302 engine and a three speed. Looks nice with more details from the lady selling it. I'll try to post the picture of it below. She wants $900.00 for it.
I just got a message back from the Chevy guy...
"I honestly wouldn't feel comfortable with you taking it 1300 miles just cause she has been sittin so long. The motor runs strong. The transmission linkage is worn and doesn't always catch like it should til you get the feel of it. I can take some pictures of it, maybe tomorrow if I don't get off too late and send them to you. Sorry to hear about your misfortune..."
If the motor runs well and the transmission itself is good, I would think the linkage problem wouldn't be too big a deal would it? I know not to expect too much from a $500.00 truck and your not being able to look it over yourself makes giving an opinion kind of hard. I'm just asking if you know if this truck, motor and transmission is a known lemon or was a good runner in it's day. Any thoughts?
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