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Talking Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!


I just completed my first shift kit!!!!!
I got my SBP kit in the mail last Friday and struggled with it all weekend and after work every day. It probably took over 35 hours and I would hate to tell you about all the boneheaded mistakes I made. Anyway, I was sooooo close last night that I took most of today off from work to finish it.

Since I started with a new motor kit from Bikeberry, it was a real bear to get started. I didn't anticipate how hard these things are to start. You can't use inertia and just have to muscle it. I worked myself into a lather about 12 times and I was almost ready to give up and rebuild it as a single gear (to break in the motor first) and then WHAM it started up.

I idled it and ran it around slowly in low gear for 30 minutes and let it cool off. Restarted it and ran it slowly a couple more times and then just had to cut loose and see how it worked. It was AWESOME! My other bike can't keep up with it. I shudder to think what it will do once it gets through break-in.

I want to thank you all for the help and encouragement. I would have thrown in the towel long ago without all your help and knowledge.

Uh oh. I just read my first sentence. My FIRST shift kit? I am subconsciously planning how I can do it even cooler next time.

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