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Default spark plug & spark plug wire

Just got my Skyhawk 66cc GT5 in the mail yesterday.

Started putting it on, but quickly got stuck. I'm looking at the spark plug wire, specifically, up into the part that sticks onto the park plug. There is a rubber ring at the base, and then a plastic cylinder. At the top of this plastic cylinder, there is a metal hole.

This metal piece is the part that comes in contact with the metal piece of the spark plug.

It is a round, gold-colored circle that has a hole in the middle. There is a U-shaped piece of wire in here as if it were supposed to hold the spark plug in.

However, my spark plug's metal contact is way too big to fit in this hole. Is it supposed to fit inside? or just fit snugly against it? If it's supposed to fit inside, I have mismatching parts.

Thanks in advance.
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