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Default The Skinny from GruBee

USA Buyers!! Disclaimer note for year 2010:

As of Feb. 20th 2010, to the best of our knowledge, none of the 2 cycle engine factories in China and including our own SkyHawk and StarFire factories have been able to get their engines EPA certified to the new rating of 40CFR 1051 now required for export to the USA in the year of 2010 and beyond.

This means no 2 cycle bike engine shipments will be able to enter the USA this year unless something changes. However, we are making plans to implement continued testing in China and in a Detroit MI. lab to comply with 1051 and/or 1065 in Q2 of this year in hopes we can qualify and continue our business in the States. The outlook does not look rosy due to communication difficulty with EPA officials in the USA! It may mean that the higher cost 4 cycle engines will take over the bicycle engine power assist conversion business in the US and Canada?
HISTORY: From Jan. 2008 to March 2009 our 2 cycle engines had EPA rating of 40CFR 90 for off road non hand held machines but now it’s been changed to 1051 off road recreational vehicle which is the same class as a snowmobile. Emily Chen at EPA is in charge of the technical aspects of 2 cycle bicycle engine emissions….. e-mail:
USA Import Buyers beware as many Chinese Export Companies do not know USA laws and will promise anything to get your money TT wired to China. Then they say Oh sorry bye-bye!

It is also important to know that Canada has also adapted the same EPA laws as the USA. Gas engine shipments there must now also have emission certification.
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