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Default Re: Snobs in Bicycle Stores

Had the same thing a while ago. Went to the big bike shop, got looked up and down{I was working on the sidecar} and a couple of sniffs later the guy asks if he can help me.
Needed a brake disc and caliper. Gives me the look of fear and wanders back to the repair shop, looks around and never asks the bike mechanic anything and comes back and says that they will have to order one.

Look in the book, said ok can I get this one and then he tells me it would be better if I came back Monday. He was sure they had some used take offs that I could have cheaply.

Went up the street to the other bike shop and was holding the part in 5 min. with the explanation that it wasn't cheap but would hold back the world and with the hills we have here, you need it.

Told him what I was doing and just about had to sign a guarantee in blood that I would bring the bike by to show them when it was done. Every time I go in now I have to give them a progress report.

The first time I went they were packed with every type of bike buyer from spandex to kids getting thier first bike. The other, bigger, store was empty.

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