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Default Re: Howdy from Ms; first build planning headaches

First build headache Update:

I'll post pictures soon. So far I settled with a kmark schwinn; it has v brakes and looks ok; it's the riverside version. i loved the big rear rack it has but guess what? it's blocking me from lowering the seat down low like i want so it's off for now. I want to break this thing in without the fenders so they are off.

My mounting kit should have arrived today but nooooo
I did go on and get the honda gxh motor and have removed all the stickers and painted all the plastic covering with a good flat paint after 400grit sanding first. Took the stock muffler off and then removed the carb. Yes, after removing all the governor linkage, i let someone sell me on the HS carb. problem solved but i've compromised my honda and will hold onto the old one and someday i will build the throttle linkage for it.

I also bought lee's ez q tranny and it is mounted on the engine. Now i understand that this rig allows for a slightly offset belt; i was actually hoping that the pulleys would be in line but if they're in line, the belt is not resting on the idler as it should be. I was assured it all will be fine. And i have to fabricate a bracket from the q to the bike to stop it's side to side movement(i'd love some help doing this).

So when the kit arrives i'll tackle all that while waiting on the new carb.

I've done this all on my own with your cheerful guidance; thanks to the MB, i'm back into tinkering agin; i don't feel quite so depressed
I think i'm gettin excited!
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