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Default New Old Schooler from Detroit

long time reader first time posting, i figured it was time for me to make an account and actually contribute. I recently moved to Detroit and over the next few months I'll be building my vision of a classic board track racer. I've always been a moped Nomad, and I've dreamed of doing this for a while, now i feel i have enough info to actually pull it off.

I plan on using a Schwinn Beach Cruiser with a 7 speed cassette to shift gears, powered by a belted 66cc 2 stroke single piston, with a custom jakshaft setup and an electric start( I know not original but i have a few plans for how to masque it )

I plan on riding it as a daily driver for commuting around town since i work at home, but as an avid motorcycle and scooter enthusiast I'm sure I'll have a blast on a classic style board track racer.
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