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Default Re: Snobs in Bicycle Stores

My local bike shop has two types of dudes. There is the guy at the register and there is the guy in the back room working on the bikes. The guy at the counter I do believe is the store owner's son or a close relative of the owner. He is an arrogant prick. He dresses in torn-to-****-jeans and talks like a surfer dude. He is too cool for school. I was in there a few years ago ordering a new Trek mountain bike (not to be motorized) and as a taller specimen of the human race (at 6"2') he looked at me and fitted me for a 19" frame. I told him I wanted a 21" frame. He scoffed and immediately got snarky. I was confused - I honestly thought the guy had a mental problem and looked around for management to step in and apologize or at least handle this awkward situation. A few weeks had passed, and I decided I needed to upgrade the thorn resistant tubing because my tires kept popping on McDowell Mountain. The bike mechanic, in the back room, was for lack of a better word, the ****ing man. We talked some bike talk and he got me involved in some insider information about bike trails in Arizona and yadda yadda. He raced competitively and basically was just the kind of guy you would be proud to call your friend. He told me the guy/kid that ran the register and floor room sales was an idiot...I guess he tells people that he training to be a professional cyclist and is also aspiring to do bike stuntwork in Hollywood. I basically remember that particular day and conversation when I encounter bike snobs. I also know more about bikes than they do so I like to segue our conversations into "technical bike-talk" and correct as often as possible. I know, its petty and childish but I always walk away feeling like a winner...although I'm sure the bike snob will probably use those lines on a multitude of other people to feel high and mighty...damn you karma.
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