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Default Re: Snobs in Bicycle Stores

Oysterville, I used to live in Astoria and I think I know who you're talking about! I have had similar experiences with bike shops all up and down the west coast. I live in Santa Cruz CA. now, and we have a little place called The Bike Church. It's a small co-op that helps people build a new working bike from old junkers. They treated me like I was family........Until I told them what I was going to do with the bike. The guy on duty told me that motorized bicycles were a fad, that they pollute too much and are way too loud and that he would support a local ban in the SC area if it ever came up and raised his arm to point to the door (hinting that I should leave)!!!!!WTF? Did he lose family to a pack of ravenous wild MBs? What is it with the Lycra crowd? Are they jealous that my bike cost $3000 less then theirs and is more fun? They sure seem to be uppity for people who dress in the most unflattering gear. I do love that they wear shirts SMEARED with logos and sponsors as if they were pro. (why do companies like Corona and Sierra Nevada even put their names on products like this? I always thought that bikes and beer = D.U.I.) The bike community is as diverse as the people who ride them and most bike shop owners/ workers are all about the love. It's just the handful of "know it all" people who are, ironically, narrow minded when it comes to something new. Try as they may, motorized bicycles are on the increase with no sign of slowing. So lets keep turning them out and putting them on the road and if the nay sayers have a problem..........Well it's their problem, not ours.
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