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Forgive me if I ramble a bit. I've been cleaning up around the burn this morning and am a little addled. As I mentioned in a private message to one of you this morning, I feel as if my spirit is rising from the ashes of this disaster. The kindness and generosity coming my way is a little overwhelming and speaks well of each of you.
I have put out the word here that I'm looking for a van or truck both cheap and reliable with mechanics more important than looks. I may be able to get something thanks to all of you. If I don't feel good about what is out there in my price range then I'll rent something to drive home. Either way, it is thanks to you good people that I will pretty soon be on my way. When I first posted what happened I had no idea anyone would want to actually do something about it to help. I guess I just wanted to tell somebody who would understand that it is a substantial loss. You did a lot more than just understand.
As I worked through the sooty mess this morning I decided I'm going to do a commemorative build this summer or winter of a bike that kind of marks this whole event... the fire and loss and more importantly the coming together of a community of like minded people. As member Mke Snyder put it, we are "brothers in the wind". It certainly feels like that to me, brothers all. I've never experienced anything like this coming my way and it is something else, something which makes me feel good about people and the basic kindness out there we hear little about in news reports of a world of war and terrorism, environmental disasters, economic collapse,governmental ineptitude and crime... all of that is not most of us. I told my four children each when they were young that my greatest wish for them was to grow up with a good heart, that there is nothing more important. They did and it is something you all did, too. I'm awfully glad to know you all. Many thanks. I'd better get back to clean up work.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...