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Default Re: ceramic paint

Most motors will lose a little power after they run for 10-15 min. You could run it richer which will result in less of a power loss but less power to stat out with as well. The paint was definitely not a good idea but i dont think it should effect performance THAT much.

I dont know much about this ceramic paint but if you want to remove it, a paint brush cleaning system might work. As a painter last summer i would take brushes that were rock hard with oil based or latex and they would be like new after a little soak. As i said i dont know if it would work fo ceramic paint but if the solvents in that stuff don't take the paint off, nothing will. So id look into this and if the brush cleaner doesn't work you either gotta sand it off or buy a new cylinder.

Also, im not sure when you last rode your bike but don't forget that the weather is getting warmer, and your engine just wont have as much power in the summer compared to winter.
-Phil in CT
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