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Default Schwinn M Searcher w/ SBP Shifter Kit

Hows it going guys,

This past week I received a Grubee Skyhawk GT5 66cc engine and SBP Shifter Kit in the mail and started assembling it on a Schwinn Searcher. I worked on it saturday and monday, but since it is my first build i am still not finished with So far, I am at the beginning of step 12 in the SBP Shifter Kit manual and everything seems to be coming out great. However, I have a couple of questions and I am hoping someone can help me out.



1. When installing a shifter kit and engine, should you install the engine first, or start with the shifter kit?

2. The searcher came with a 3 piece you really need a 3 piece standard for the shift kit to work?

I was able to salvage the left standard cup from an old mountain bike, but the right cup is still cartridge, will this affect the shift kit?

3. Has anyone ever built this setup, and if so do you have any tips that will make this project possible.

4. I saw some muffler parts at an oreily auto is possible to make a muffler...the stock one does not fit and I do not have a torch to heat and bend the muffler.
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