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Default Re: Help a little newbie with some things.

I like the bike!
1. When you take the chain out of the plastic it shouldn't be connected at the ends like a loop. You will have to fit it to the bike. Most likely you will have to shorten it and use the master link to connect the ends.

2. I can't see the color all of the wires but I can tell you the white wire is an output wire for an accessory like a headlight. Most recommend not to use it. Just wrap it up out of the way. Also most will tell you the kill switch is cheap and breaks easily. I wired a toggle switch up to it for a kill switch.

3. You can bend the curved part of the exhaust inbetween where it attaches to the engine and where it gets to be a larger diameter. You have to use a torch of some sort to get it glowing red them bend it. If you do this make sure it is off of the engine.

Hope this helps.
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