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Default Help a little newbie with some things.

Hey ppl

Ive a few questions about my first build that i cant really figure out.

Be course my English not is what it could be, im going to show you some pictures of my problems

First Problem:
Big image:

How do i connect the chain with the motor? - Do i need to split the chain first? as on a bicycle?

Second Problem:

My exhaust is hanging a bit low, and im a bit worried about that. Is it possible to bend it? Or should i buy a new?

Third Problem:

This **** is drivin' me crazy, this five wires?! How can is be that hard? - lol.

Ive connected the black and blue to the ' engine starter thing which start the engine ' but what is the white for?

The cut off bottom wires, where do i connect them? - Theres a yellow and a black? :S

Thanks from Denmark !
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