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Default Re: poor handling at top speed

A short travel fork is better than long if the bike wasn't designed for a fork. Please try putting the original non suspension fork back on and I think your problem will be over. Push down on the front and look at the angle of the neck change. As the fork colaspes the neck angle gets straighter up and down. That removes the trail of the front wheel and makes the steering to quick. Truck and cars went to tubeless because of heat buildup. Same as 10 ply tires. They aren't 10 plys anymore they are "10 ply rated" they really use 6 plys of thicker cords to get the same effect of the original 10 plys. I don't really know if at a bikes weight and speed it really makes any difference. Slime was invented to balance motorcycle tires. The flat protection was secondary. The problem I see in a bicycle tire is the size around of the tire and constant speed changes. There's no doubt many are making slime work for them. I get no flats either. Everybody should use what works for them. I run all on road, on pavement. For me using the best tires I can find on good wheels with regular tubes is enough to not have any flats. I agree with the benefits of slime just not in a bicyle you want to keep up with traffic on. I have to ride in the road with cars going 45+ in a 35 zone. I need all the speed and quickness I can get. The wheel dishing shouldn't make any difference. With only 2 wheels they will track the same as long as the front and rear tires have the same profile.
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