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Default Re: Mechanical speedometer

I had to laugh at your last sentance. Reminded me of the older Harleys. They wern't that good for long run trips and they constantly leaked oil but looked great parked in front of the BAR.

Originally Posted by chopperjoe View Post
You can also try turning out the left side inner nut that is on the inside of your fork, then taking up the slack on the right side inner nut, this might give you enough room to install speedo, that is if you have enough thread to work with. I was able to gain about a 1/4 inch on right side by doing this. I also got lucky and scored a retro speedo made by Stewart and Werner in the 70s much more accurate and needle doesnt fly around all over. Them cheapos are not designed for high speed and vibration. Good luck, hey they look cool when your parked.
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