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Default Re: Would these tires work?

Lol, thanks for your input guys. Though I actually went with Kendra Kross Plus, which are the most popular and highest rated tires on biketiresdirect, amazon, and multiple other sites. They're 26x1.95 with a maximum PSI of 65. They're smooth in the center for riding on the road, but knobby on either side for off-road handling, which makes them perfect for bike trails, and they were under $20 each. Plus I bought two Michelin C4 AirSTOP tubes to get these things rolling. I can't be stuck using those generic $3 chinese Schwinn tubes.

I actually just got back from vacation, and I just put my Landmark together. My Skyhawk already shipped out and I can't wait to mount it to this bike.

I was only planning on spending like $200 doing this and getting a basic chinese engine and slapping it on a Del Mar from Walmart, but after reading through these forums and looking at the threads about coaster brake horror stories, engines failing, and fenders breaking off, I completely changed the way I'm building this bike. So far I've spent over $400.

I'll be putting some pictures up once I get everything shipped to me.
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