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Default Re: poor handling at top speed

Why are tubes thick for ATV's and car tires? My goodness they should be overheating! Slime is worth its weight in gold it balances a tire and helps prevent flats! That weight disperses. At slow speed can't ever be felt at high speed can't ever be felt. My bike 80 pounds me 240 , cargo up to 40 pounds. I got 15,000 miles on the motored bike thing. 60,000 plus miles pedaling.

I try to run 26x2.7 tires on all my bikes there as smooth as you can get one , and yeah that's a lot of slime. Oh yeah I don't cut corners in weight on my pedaling bikes they all get the same recipe. Need pictures? My pedal bikes are full sus down hill bikes retrofitted to touring gears 52 tooth front sprocket always rain or shine.... I use 135mm bottom bracket , Tripple Trap Pedals , and Tripple Crowned 700mm travel plus forks. 6 foot 11 inches I am.... I do zero off road myself.

My testing and tried true deal was avoiding road bikes and any thin tires I don't like the bumps in the road beating me up or the handling. 26x1.75 tires down are two rough for me and I they don't hold traction to my liking. A tire that will sponge a little will hold a road. Down hill world cup tires steal bead for my rides! I do enjoy the exercise!

So point being I run heavy tubes, great big honking tires with zero balancing issues.

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