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Default Re: poor handling at top speed

I don't use the paper thin preslimed tubes. I use thick heavy duty thorn proof tubes with lots of slime in them. A little More than the directions state to use like to think I have a little side wall protection. I have used this stuff with thick tubes for over 20 years. Never have I ever had a problem with tires being out of balance at high speed, If I had a jumbolia reflector on the wheel I had always took those off. My thought was they would loosen the spokes where they were mounted to. To this day I will brag that they balance a wheel.

Whats more is the paper thin preslimed tubes in my experience come with a minuscule amount of slime in them.[Not going to balance a tire] Also a paper thin tube is a racers deal for cutting corners on weight in my opinion. A pin hole in a paper thin tube is very unforgiving for any stop leak. Uber speeds on a Motored Bicycle I go with a thick tube! I found slime works really well with a thick Heavy Duty tube...

Some folks live where there is very little road hazards , Sickers cacti etc. Not where I live!
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