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Default Re: GT1 Build By Blow By U For Customer Pete

Looks nice, be carefull of the steering gooseneck, it seems set a little high.

And its marginal quality, some GT1 owners have had failures in this area.

For the brakes, the rear is weak when new. It may bed in better, don't over-stress it while its new, but it is not affected by weather, which is good. For the V brakes, just fit good quality dual compound pads from a real bike shop.

Then set them up with a little toe-in to prevent squeal.

I laced up a HD hub and its great, zero runout. The band brake sucked and was discarded.

BTW nice hat.

P.S. A Crank change job from single piece to 3 piece with a new bike is a 30m job. Even less when its just a spindle change.
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