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Default Re: Clutch to hard to move

GearNut touched on this but allow me to elaborate a little on a modification that will help with the clutch pull situation. I've posted this advice a couple of times before but maybe I should do a photo pictorial so it will be clear as to how the mod is done. Until then try this: Remove the clutch cam from the clutch actuator housing, and the pin or what is referred to as the 'bucking bar', the 5/16" pin that protrudes from the drive sprocket. The end of that pin and the contacting surfaces of the cam, actuator, need to be smoothed and even polished. This is a high pressure working surface, much like the cam and lifters in an overhead valve V-8 engine. The surfaces that meet need to be as free from friction as possible and as such will reduce the amount of pressure needed to disengage the clutch. I like to use a sanding disc on a Dremel tool to take off the rough edges then a buffing wheel on a bench grinder to polish those surfaces. Add a good high pressure grease when reassembling to the pin and the cam and I think you'll find that the resistance in your clutch lever has been significantly reduced. The clutch cable can also benefit from being lubricated and the path of the cable as free from sharp bends and kinks as possible. I'll go to work on a 'sticky' to show this process but until that time please feel free to PM me with any questions regarding this simple fix.

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