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Question Self flooding

Hi guys,

I thought I should share this, maybe someone else has encountered this issue.

Whenever i don't ride my motorized bicycle for a couple of days (like over the weekend), it simply refuses to start anymore (like on Monday morning).
Through a lot of scratching my head and random tinkering, I solved the mistery. My carb gets flooded by itself, just sitting there.
I know what you will say. That I should close the petcock. It is closed. Maybe the fuel that's still left on the fuel line just drips into the carb. I don't know.

Bottom line is that I have to unscrew that little screw at the bottom of the carb and drain all the gas that's inside the carb, before it will even consider starting.

A solution to this would be appreciated, but this situation lead to another problem: The tiny screw is screwed.. as in.. broken.. as in.. it's too tight and I can't open it anymore. What should I do now?


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