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Default Re: American made 2 stroke

Well, myself I have an even different angle and this is only how I feel and in NO way is intended to offend anyone that is not an American....

If I could buy a quality American made engine that needed the same amount of mait. as the china engine and cost twice as much as the china engine I would buy the American made engine in a heart beat, now days it is very hard to support my American brothers and sister in the manufacturing business because thanks to many of the rules and regs. from "Big Brother" most of the business in Manufacturing has gone out of country and most of the time now we are fourced into buying China junk cause they are no other options in many products now days.

So your darn toot-in I will buy an American made engine from Jim if he makes-em and I know if he gets this done he will be as fair as he can be with price, but lets all remember this guy is working very hard in all he is doing and by golly he deserves to make a good profit for his trouble and sacrifice for all of us guys and gals out here enjoying these little homebuilt machines.
Just some of my Thoughts...!
God Bless & God Bless America!
Shan, proud dad of 3 boys in the US Military -Army & Air Force-

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