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Default Re: poor handling at top speed

Cabinfever, I just had the wheels trued at the bike shop and the brakes are setup perfectly with no pads touching the rims. Those where good ideas and I should have mentioned that.

Corgi, if you also mean the wheels then yes they are balanced, if you mean the engine, there is very little vibration. I think I got lucky with this engine.

Barelyawake, I believe what you have described is exactly my problem. It is common for mountain bikes to dish the rear wheel off center to make room for the cassette of gears on the right side. When the bike shop trued my wheels I also asked them to center my rear wheel. I know it is center because when installed the gap between the tire and both chain stays is equal and the gap inbetween the front tire and the forks is the same. So since the front and rear wheels seem to be center that leads me to believe the tracking is ok.

The only thing I can think of is I am using tubes filled with slime. I thought at speed the slime would disperse and even out keeping the tire balanced. Well maybe not. I here of others using slime and no one mentions this problem. Who knows maybe they just think this is normal so they don't say anything.

Do you think the slime is the problem or could it be something else. And Barelyawake I think I read something about you balancing wheels by wrapping solder around the spokes. How do you get the solder to stay on the outer part of the spoke and not slide down towards the hub? I know this would be pointless until I remove the slime tubes.

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