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Default Re: American made 2 stroke

Ok, there's always going to be debate on this issue but the argument falls into two categories of which both proponents argue their logic.

1st category: People who want the cheapest product available, espousing the idea that if it's 25% the price of a quality engine, four (low cost) engines can be bought and (to the point of engine failure) should allow the motored bicycle to cover more kilometers than one high quality engine.
These people are willing to spend endless amounts of time tinkering and replacing engines that the second category neither wants to do or simply can't afford the unreliability built into the purchase price.

2nd category: People who are restricted to using a motored bicycle as their sole means of transport and require absolute reliability and improved engine performance to get them from point [A] to point [B] in a timely manner and necessitate an iron clad guarantee from the manufacturer to provide product support and warranty their workmanship with a replacement engine if the product fails in service due to defects.

Being a person who falls into the second category i'm willing to pay in excess of $500 just for an engine with upgraded technology and metallurgy.


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