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Default Re: Repair Help Needed Please

In general 25:1 or 4% is the baseline for old school aircooled 2 strokes.

Engine desingers use percentage numbers like 5% or 4% oil.

Dyno runs may use as much as 8% or more oil.

This is what I use with the HT after reading Gordon Jennings & Graham Bell's texts on the subject of 2 cycle lubrication.

20:1 with mineral oil for the first 2 tanks.

Then quality synthetic at 30 to 1 after that.

More oil is more power with these old tech 2 strokes.

40: 1 or leaner will lead to seizures and or fast wearing of the rings/cylinder on these air cooled motors.

Modern watercooled 2 stroke engines speced for using synthetic oils are another story...

40:1 is common

Thats where the confusion starts.

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