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Default Re: Clutch Spring Adjustment and Modification?

The stay on the motor under the carb is adjustable, the little spring should be between that and clutch arm itself, the bigger spring is just a heat shield and goes on the cable between the lever and motor stay.

With the clutch released (not locked on), and the stay screwed all the way in pull the cable tight and screw the brass cable retainer on it place tight as you can you can.
20 or so clutch pulls will take out the slack.
If you can lock the clutch on and roll the bike around your set.
If not, twist the motor stay adjustment out or move the brass retainer up the cable more.

When it's done you won't need more tension, the spring in the clutch plus the thinner return spring make it hard to pull in as it is until 100 pulls or so.

If it gets too loose to disengage the clutch in the lock position, just twist the motor stay adjuster out some more like a hand brake.
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