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Default Re: Is it possible to Motorize a bike with coaster brake?

I like coaster brakes on motor bicycles. Mine is working quite well. I have a front caliper brake too.

I removed the dust cap, and installed the cog over the hub there, backing up against the spokes. The cog is held in place by the given bolts and nuts and one rubber washer and moon clip set, just eliminating one of the washers of the conventional setup.

The dust cap was flattened to fit back into place under the coaster brake arm, against the cog with a little grease under there.

I've been using it half a year. PS its a Hi Stop and it works fine.

HOw the coaster brake increases power with lower gears:

The use of a bigger rear cog (pedal side), or smaller front cog, gives the crankarm larger leverage over the internals of the hub which push out the brake shoes into the hub to brake.

It is a similar effect as you would have by using a longer crank arm.

If you can find 180mm 1 piece cranks (BMX shops), they will not be as comfortable to most riders, but would give much more pedaling and breaking leverage.

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