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Default Re: Is it possible to Motorize a bike with coaster brake?

kc vale, you're right. i've had this argument with people before about gear ratios and coaster brakes. the smaller the ratio, the better the brake works.

i had an old bike with a 52tooth front sprocket, and switched it down to a 36, without doing anything else to the bike and the brake went from barely stopping to locking up effortlessly.

it seems odd, because you figure all you need to do is pedal backward and it should stop, so gear ratio shouldn't really affect it, but it does.

i still don't know why exactly, but i know that it's true.

also, it's very true about older coaster brake hubs working better and lasting longer than new hubs. as long as they're not worn out from age and use. compare an old bendix 76 to a KT or hi-stop, and there's a world of difference.

there's a new hub called a "velosteel" which is based on the 50's Sach's Komet hub that's supposed to be the best around right now. i'm gonna lace one of those up soon and try it out.

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