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Default Re: Is it possible to Motorize a bike with coaster brake?

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
The gear ratio of the sprockets has nothing to do with the problems of modern coaster brakes... The problem is that they can over heat & lock up.

I totally agree with Baird, older coasters seem to work much better than modern ones.
Great response on this issue!
On my tandem (85lbs w/o riders)(390lbs w/me & wife) I reverted back to the original HD coaster brake and a front and rear caliper. I can hammer down safely using all 3 from a nominal speed of around 22-24mph nicely and not over use any one system. I did R/R the coaster with cleaning and new grease before reinstalling it. The cost of converting to disks wasn't worth it to me.

These guys are giving you great advise.

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