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Default Modifying Friction Drive To Accept GEBE components

Trying to recycle friction drive kit to accept GEBE parts.

I'm modifying two BMP/Staton friction drive kits to make "better mousetraps".

My first DIY project involves leaving my FRONT friction drive housing in place, relocating the engine, using the BMP axle as a jackshaft and installing chains and sprockets. Engine gets a 5:1 gearbox and relocates atop the friction drive housing. That project is pretty straightforward in my head and progressing well. Pictures to follow upon completion.

Next project is leaving my REAR friction drive kit in place. New engine motor mounting holes are drilled on the other side of the drive housing. That way, the engine and drive will spin counterclockwise and turn the rear wheel. The BMP clutch drum, axles and bearings remain in place. Friction roller is removed and substituted with the GEBE drive pulley. GEBE drive ring mounts normally. Since the engine and drive pulley is closer than the standard GEBE position, a shorter belt is installed. Belt is tensioned by adjusting the friction housing's modified rear supports, like two of these:

My project SHOULD work; expenses would be about about $125. The drive can be changed back to friction drive at no added expense.

After the drive pulley is perfectly aligned with the drive ring, either setscrews or welding can secure its permanent position.

My questions for now is...

Does anyone know the INSIDE diameter and OUTSIDE diameter of the GEBE drive pulley? Does it use a keyway? Sorry, I've never seen a GEBE kit.

If the pulley's 1/2" ID, then it'll slip right onto the BMP shaft. If it's keyed, I can either machine the BMP for keyway or tackweld the gear onto the shaft.

Please feel free to comment, either negatively

or positively.

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