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Default Re: Couple questions ... Idle screw, fine-tuning

Originally Posted by Mo'Beffah View Post
Anks that's a good tip. Big problems last night though. Went to show it off to the fam cause it was finally running really good. Lost the idle screw on the way over. That sucks. I thought that was for motor speed but I guess it's the air mixture screw. So while I thought I was turning the speed down I was actually letting more air in and makng it rev higher(?is that correct? More air higher rev?) I think that was why I didn't notice any change when I was slowly turning it left. It was already running on full air. Can wait to see how it's gonna run now I know it needed less air. It already seemed perfect. Ordering a new scre off the Internet. Anyone know if I can find those at a hardware store or small motor shop?
It is not an air /fuel ratio screw. it simply engages a ramp in the carb slide raising the slide and increasing throttle at idle. you could prolly make one from a macine screw from a hardware store just round the end to engage the ramp smoothly. or buy one from a vendor
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