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Default Re: New from North Dakota

Originally Posted by Hudson View Post
Hi, just acquired an AMX Roadmaster, not sure what year, it is red/orange color, has motor mounted on top of rear tire.. appears to be a friction drive. From the ID tag on front fork, it was made by AMI, Inc of Olney, IL the vin # is IMPED1233BB-126941 and has 16 inch tires. says was made to specifications from 11/81. Did not get any manual. would appreciate any info on it.. thank you Hudson
Hello Hudson,
Sorry I can't help you, but no doubt someone here can. It seems to me that I saw one of these on ebay once, but don't remember much about it. In a few more posts you'll be able to upload a picture or two so that may help. You also might try doing a search here on the forum. Or, after a few more posts try starting a new thread calling it AMX Roadster help needed or something like that to get the attention of AMX folks. Hope this helps, and welcome to the forum.
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