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Default Re: Thrifty vs. Cheap!

It would appear that all of us are on the same page here. The whole thought process is just being spoken differently by each other. I agree with SB and Badax. There is a certain Pride that goes with building our rides there is no question about that, but there is a certain amount of "special pride" that stems from (Recycling if you will) creating something form junk. So that kinda goes with being both thrifty and cheap. If you have the funds there would be no need to be thrifty/cheap. On the other hand there is a real sense of "special pride" that stems from finding that diamond in the rough. Paying $20.00 for a 1920s era Indian. A wise man once said Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

So the whole Thrifty vs. Cheap thing really boils down to Funds and Pride. At least it does in my Eyes but then again I am shortsighted. =)
Hope it Helps. I am also a proud member of the 20 MPH. club
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