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Default Re: Mechanical speedometer

Finding a longer axle that fits your bike and bearings may be a bit of a challenge. The new cheap speedos' drive assembly is actually fatter than the old ones. They were metal and the new are plastic. Short shafts are a common problem for many of us [:-). To make the new plastic speedo work, I had to grind out some of the bulk around the center hole so it would fit down over the hub, both to allow the nut to go on and to allow the little shaft to reach into the spokes (the shaft, luckily, was metal, as I needed to 'rebend' that too to work). The excess plastic around the center is not stregth-critical. And if you are a little shy on threads, if you can get 75% on each end with a little LocTite, you'll be ok...unless you have a quick-release, and then LocTite is kinda a bad idea. Good luck

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