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Default Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!

A few years ago I had just a couple of 60's Schwinn bikes and then I began to think about building them to sell and started picking up bikes here and there... a couple great finds at the landfill, the newish Huffys from a yard sale and the Elgins and Worksman off of eBay. Last summer I started buying more engines than I actually needed thinking I would sell a couple. The season is short in northern Minnesota and as bikes were ready to sell the season ended and winter came roaring in. I did some bike building and a lot of learning through the winter, still enthusiastic about having a little business selling motorized vintage cruisers. Spring came and I ran into automatic clutch problems with two motors which has set me back financially, but also in confidence. How can I sell bikes if I'm unable to repair the motors or clutch problems which may arise? I would be selling these bikes in my own community where people know and respect me. I'm known as an elder and pipe carrier in the Indian community and a former teacher in the school district. I value that and would want to take care of a customer, making right what goes wrong. I'm also thinking that some of these cutomers are likely to become friends and we might end up riding together sometimes. In truth it is part of the motivation in selling bikes; to develop a motorbicycling community and promote the hobby/sport/transport locally and especially with elders like myself. If I can't fix my own broken motors how can I fix ones I sell? The automatics have thrown me some and until I become more expert at fixing motors I don't think I should sell them. So the business idea is kind of on hold until I catch up with my ambition by becoming a better mechanic. So, I will continue to build and ride and learn. This summer I'll be building a low budget bike workshop and further my goal in that way, but I think that selling will wait for another year to give myself more practical experience and more time here on this forum which I think of as a kind of online motorbicycle school. I joined this forum a year ago this summer and when I think of how much I have learned in this time I have to feel encouraged. So who knows, you may also be selling these bikes along the way and may go through some of the same considerations I am. Good luck with your jackshaft. I'm rootin' for ya!
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