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Default Re: Thrifty vs. Cheap!

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
So I do a little porting, adapt a pocket bike exhaust, use the best oil and spark plug I can within my budget. From my point of view that is being thrifty. We all want to think we are thrifty and not just cheap. I make my own gas tanks, head lights, tail and brake lights, rebuild vintage seats, strip and repaint all on a tight budget. SB
A little ingenuity goes a long way, SB, Thats what I find so fun about this hobby. I start by using what I have in my supplies. Maybe its harder in the long run, but when it clicks theres a sense of pride in what you've accomplished. I want to do it all myself. Learn and do. The man who comes to you and drops $$$ on what you've built will have a solid end product, but no appreciation for the thought, love and work that went into it. Anyone can drop cash and assemble a bike from shelf parts. Not everyone can see a pile of scrap and engineer and build it into something that works. Not "Thrify or Cheap", but RESOURCEFUL.

Not that I'm broke and bitter about it....
...maybe a little...
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