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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure he was more affected by the incident than I was. After it was all over with he finally realized that he almost died for being very very very stupid. We have had absolutely no problems out of that guy since then. But let me tell you what happened yesterday. We had a guy fight with his buddy across the river in Georgia while they were riding down the road in his expedition. His girlfriend is driving, he's in the back seat and his buddy is in the front passenger seat. His girlfiend says they were all just driving around talking and out of nowhere he reached into the back of the expedition and retrieves an AK-47 and shoots his buddy right in the back of the head while riding down the road. He pulls the body into the back seat, he climbs into the front seat and tells his girl to take him over into our county. Once out in our county his girl freaks out and decides to bail at an intersection, he shoots four times through the drivers door at her but misses. He then jumps into the drivers seat and takes the wheel. We get a call from her telling us what he did and we find him and the pursuit is on. One of our deputies uses his car and pushes his truck down a cliff where we all run down and drag him out of the back of the truck and he begins to fight. Well, after a few kicks to the face and some pepper spray he's in custody. It was all about an argument they had over ten dollars worth of methamphetamine. Go fiigure.
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