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Default Re: Hi there all ... from Arkansas

Originally Posted by crazyfemalewomandriver View Post

Had a bit of trouble. the modified motor mount came loose on me and the motor jumped frame. Burnt my leg. Had to half carry the bike home.I got him all put back together and he's running again. For the full story visit me at Spooky Tooth's forum and for photo's you can check them all out at my myspace page. - Joanne - 37 - Female - FORT SMITH, Arkansas -

Have a great Independance Day!

Off to buy bottle rockets ... tons of them ... WAR!!!
Hi Josie...

I warned you lol - keep an eye on fixings - bolts/cable ties/whatever - they *will* come loose because of the vibrations off the engine. It even happens on mine with any cable ties I have used - not so much with bolts and such because the engine is sort of isolated on mine.

Sorry to hear you hurt your leg... I hope the burn isnt too bad. Alot of the old autocycles used to have engine shields/covers to hide the grotty mechanical gubbinses (thats my impression of gollum out of the way lol) and to help direct cooling air. The best advice I can give is to check bolts and such before rides and take a tool kit.

Mine comprises

1 set of 7 bike sized Allen Keys
reversable rachet screwdriver & set of bits

Additionally you would need spanners etc for the relevant bolt sizes - locktite is also a good investment.

When I get round to it I will get a puncture repair kit as well to go into the locker. I made a bag type thing out of some PVC and superglue of all things (I am sooooo not gonna say where I got the PVC from )

It also contains 2 x 250ml wine bottles full of fuel mixture and the lock I have for the bike. Health and safety would have a field day with the fuel storage but I know from experience the bottles can fall on concrete and not break..

have fun riding and hopefully talk soon

Jemma xx
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