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Default Re: idea for a tesioner's mechanically good(except for what looks like the same stock wheel) but it looks like a tank. My wheel broke off on the first test run but I still had all the mounts. It looks as though your chain is at least two links too long too. That was my problem. Way too much tension on the roller. Here's my fix. New bolt and I just put three skateboard bearings on it. Used gorilla grip tape over the bearings so it isn't metal on metal. The tape actually got eaten up just enough to make grooves in it which acts almost as a tape sprocket. It gooed up into little spikes and now the chain doesn't even move. The metal bracket I bent was from before it kept jumping off but now it's perfect. And you can tighten the bolt ad much as possible with the bearings still able to spin because of the bearing spacers like the skateboard.
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