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Default Couple questions ... Idle screw, fine-tuning

Got my first build running CHERRY!!! had issues all along the way and just kept trudging through em. Now everything is perfect. No leaks, no rattling, no broken carb float! My question is at what idle speed is the engine at top performance. My bike is idling perfect I actually had to turn the motor speed down using the idle screw. Is it best to have it right above stall speed when clutch is disengaged? Little faster? Also now with good fuel, air, an spark is there anything simple I can do to fine-tune it? Been looking t upgrades but only found a couple that didn't relate to mine (drilling .040 hole in carb to help idle) definately wanna get an epansion chamber but I'm thinking my carb is allright. Air filter recommended after exhaust?
Thanks in advance.
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